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Zamboanga Maritime Training Center Inc. was established on 2003, it is a family corporation and duly organized training center for seafarers and non-seafarers. It is registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and accredited with STCW Administration Office of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and is an ISO Certified with the DNV 9001:2008.

ZMTCI provides quality training which complies with International Standards.


The Zamboanga Maritime Training Center, Inc. in its quest to provide better quality of life to the citizenry of Zamboanga City and nearby provinces has for its mission the following, to ZMTCI:

  1. Provide relevant quality education to its clientele;
  2. Produce graduates whose skills and knowledge are at par with their peers anywhere in the world;
  3. Train the nation’s manpower in the middle-level skills required for national development;
  4. Achieve and maintain an accelerating rate of economics development and social progress;
  5. Train and develop the total personality of the individual students by infusing Filipino Values and ideals in order to preserved and develop Filipino Culture for national identity;
  6. Promote the student’s physical, intellectual, and social well-being;
  7. Inculcate in the students love of country, teach the duties of citizenship, and develop moral character, personal discipline and scientific technological and vocational efficiency;
  8. Develop a sense of nationhood via shared system of beliefs; and
  9. Faithfully cooperate and support the program thrust of the STCW Administration Office of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA); and the program thrust of the national government as a whole.


The Zamboanga Maritime Training Center, Inc. has the following vision for its clientele, to wit:

  1. Achieve quality education by the Year 2001 and beyond;
  2. Provide better quality of life through accumulation of knowledge and skills necessary to make each person productive member of Philippines society;
  3. Produce individuals who are imbued with a sense of nationalism, patriotism, God-Loving, scientifically, technologically, and vocationally- oriented person;
  4. Produce individuals who can immensely contribute to the enrichment of national life and participate actively in unifying all Filipinos into a just and free nation.


The Zamboanga Maritime Training Center, Inc. is committed to produce effective and efficient graduates who possess desirable values and virtues, knowledgeable, workable, and technically competent in the field of Maritime Technology locally and internationally.

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